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Bii facebook update: 謝謝音悅台,頒給我年度風向藝人獎,也終於隔了兩年,今天又遇到了SJ-M前輩,謝謝銀赫哥一直都對我的照顧,希望下次你們能再來台灣long stay! 선배님들 감사합니다! 我是Bii,畢書盡
translation: Thank you Yinyue Tai for giving me the Annual Popular Artist Award. And finally after two years, finally met SJ-M seniors again, thank you Eunhyuk brother for your care, hope next time you can all come to Taiwan for a long stay!
Thank you seniors!
I am Bii, 畢書盡

If only I could just plop down and sleep for 24 hours. >3<

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